Huff Po Pokes Fun at ‘Merican Citizens

Those redneck conservatives are as wacko as our Founding Fathers!

What better time to take a potshot at conservative rednecks than Independence Day week? No better time really, despite the fact that that liberal media does the same thing the other 51 weeks of the year.

So, characteristically, Huffington Post ran a quiz in Wednesday’s Comedy section entitled “Take the Citizenship Test for ‘Merica.” “Sure you know America,” the article read. “But do you have what it takes to obtain legal citizenship in ‘Merica?”

The first question asked “What is freedom of religion?” The correct answer: “Believe in Jesus as often as you want.” [Insert, conservative rednecks are bigoted.]

Another queried “What are the three unalienable rights promised in the Declaration of Independence?” The correct answer: “Life, liberty and the pursuit of blowin' sh-t up.” [Insert, conservative rednecks are pro-gun violence.]

“Who lived in 'Merica before the Europeans arrived?” the quiz asked. The correct answer: “Illegal immigrants.” [Insert, conservative rednecks are racist.]

The last question asked: “What year did the Supreme Court legalize gay marriage nationwide?” The correct answer: “Wait a minute... WHAT HAPPENED?!” [Insert, conservative rednecks are homophobic.]

Don’t forget that rednecks like beer, soda and junk food — the quiz is peppered with “chug a bud,” “chug a dew” and “chug a corndog.” The First Lady would not approve.

Something tells me that targeting any minority group in the same fashion would not go over very well. But maybe that’s just me.