Huffington Post Video Mocking GOP Women Contains Sexually Explicit Lyrics

There is a fine line between tasteful political comedy and crossing-the-line crudeness, and the Huffington Post's new song “My Girl's A Republican” just leaped over that line. With lyrics such as “Dick Nixon sucking lips” and “she made her oil money last, and now I'm tapping it,” even the most liberal among us could agree that the attack on Republican women is downright revolting.

Hailed as an “ode to right-wing ladies,” the three and a half minute song and video by Rap duo “It's The Real” (and proudly displayed on the Huffington Post Web site) does nothing but smear conservative women like Christine O'Donnell, Michele Bachmann, and of course, Sarah Palin. The HuffPo write up on the “tribute to conservative women” song claims “it does a pretty solid job of both mocking and admiring right-wing conservatives.”

Admiring right-wing conservatives? The one line that could possibly be construed to “admire” a conservative woman is the tasteless description of the pro-life position: “We'll be together forever, no ifs or even maybes. She's anti-abortion, so she'll never dump a baby.” The crudeness of the phrase “dumping a baby” is accompanied by three on-screen graphics of trashcans. Hardly praiseworthy.

If that's what the Huffington Post cites as admirable, any positive messages in the song are overshadowed by the pervasive sexually-charged lyrics. “Blonde hair and blue eyes, Dick Nixon sucking lips. Undercover she experiments, bipartisanship.”

Other oral-sex references include, “She's my filibuster baby, I fill and bust her mouth. When she's not in bed with lobbyists, or sleeping on the couch.”

But the crudeness doesn't end there – the rappers linked a GOP woman being “red” with her menstrual cycle. “She's red, period; such a bloody mess.”

Tea-Party favorite Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell has been a popular liberal media punching bag, so naturally, she's included in the song. In a reference to her “dabbling in witchcraft” comments on Bill Maher years ago, one line in the song states, “She says she's not a witch, but she's got the eye of Newt, playing games with my heart, two lies one truth.”

And what would a song about GOP women be without a jab at Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol? “She's a conservative girl, can't take her home to motha. I call her Bristol Palin cuz we never us a rubba,” was another line in the rap song attended by a silhouette of a pregnant woman in front of a church. Sarah was alluded to in the line “So go ahead and bend it over like an earmark, tip drill baby drill,” because she made the line “Drill Baby, Drill!” famous in her 2008 Vice Presidential bid.

A cut out of Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann with a party hat on, appeared during the line “She's with the party of 'no' but she don't want to stop.”

Not only were sexual lyrics pervasive in the three minute song, but combine crude sexual lyrics and domestic abuse and you get this whopper: “I beat her black and blue, but my lady leans red. I want a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.”

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