Intrigue, Not Romance, For ‘The Good Wife’

The latest episode of CBS’s “The Good Wife” spins marital infidelity into a major plot twist.

In the last episode, attorney Alicia Florrick (Juliana Margulies) and her husband Peter (Chris North) decided to renew their vows. But in this week’s episode, she again kisses her extramarital flame Will Gardner (Josh Charles).

When Peter wins the Gubernatorial election for Illinois, he meets his wife in the bedroom, but after kissing him, she retreats to the bathroom – “I need to freshen up.”

Caught in a storm of supporters, Peter gets lost in the crowd, and Alicia leaves for her apartment after a brief phone call. Getting home, she drinks a full glass of wine and plays classical music, sighing repeatedly and asking herself, “is this stupid?”

When the knock at the door finally comes, it isn’t Will, but Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry), who has repeatedly asked Alicia to leave her law firm for his start up. The firm just elevated her to the rank of Partner, and she denied him many times.

But standing there in the doorway, she tells him, “I’m in.” Business – not her side romance – drives this woman away from the arms of her husband on his big victory night.

Double slight for the hubby.