Jimmy Carter: ‘Fortunately, There Was No Fox News When I Was President’

Jesus would support same-sex marriage and some abortion, but maybe not Fox News?

Its old news that Jimmy Carter believes Jesus would support gay marriage and some abortion. But Fox News? Well, Carter doesn’t like that.  

Earlier this week, NY Times reporter Philip Galanes sat down for lunch with the former president and author Jacqueline Woodson to discuss issues of race and religion, including the confederate flag, black-white relations and same-sex marriage. 

Galanes pointed out that both Carter and Woodson went “door to door” as Christian missionaries when they were younger. Woodson went as a Jehovah’s Witness, but no longer practices. 

Galanes understood. “They’re not so hot on gay and lesbian issues,” he posited. 

“But I still consider myself a Christian,” Woodson – who is lesbian – responded. “I deeply believe in many Christian values: love people; do the right thing; know that there’s good in everyone, that God’s looking out for all of us.” That’s all very touchy-feely isn’t it? 

Galanes then turned to Carter, saying that it reminded him of something the former president had said lately, “that Jesus would be fine with gay marriage. It builds on the same kind of neighborly love Jackie was talking about.” 

Carter affirmed this, but then declared that he had “never believed that Jesus would be in favor of abortion,” except for rape, incest or danger to the mother’s life. Gotta love the “never … except” rhetoric. “That’s been the only conflict I’ve had in my career between political duties and Christian faith.” 

To which, Galanes rejoindered: “But even on abortion, you focused on reducing the need for them, not screaming on Fox News about constitutional amendments outlawing them — or gay marriage, like we have now.” Objective much, Mr. Galanes? 

Carter, in a one-liner that could take Twitter by storm, quipped: “Fortunately, there was no Fox News when I was president.” 

No, there wasn’t, Jimmy, and you screwed it up anyway,