A Left-Wing "Safety Group" Attacks Nuclear Plants

Union of Concerned Scientists, left-wing activists disguised as a "safety group" in the Times.

Matthew Wald's "Reactors Prone to Long Closings, Study Finds" broadcasts a study from the Union of Concerned Scientists, a left-wing organization (you don't have to be a scientist to join) which the Times benignly labels a "safety group."

"An analysis of nuclear reactors by a safety group has found that they are prone to costly, lengthy shutdowns for safety problems regardless of their age or the experience of their managers. The finding could have implications for companies considering building new reactors.

"The analysis, by David Lochbaum, a nuclear engineer at the Union of Concerned Scientists, counted 51 times that a reactor had been closed for a year or more. Thirty-six of those shutdowns were to restore an adequate level of safety by fixing flaws in equipment, procedures or training; 11 were to replace major components required for operations and safety; and 4 were for damage recovery. In all, of the 130 power reactors ever licensed, 41, were closed for at least a year. Ten were closed twice."

As usual, the Times provides noideological label for the Union of Concerned Scientists, the left-wing group that issued the report, which would at least hint this study isn't coming from the most objective source. The only acknowledgement of UCS's political leaning is buried deep inside the story: "While Mr. Lochbaum, a longtime adversary of the nuclear industry, is often critical of the companies that operate reactors, he said regulators were the problem in this area."