Lefty Media Blame Tebow for Broncos' Inaction on Anti-Bullying Campaign

Recently, nearly 8,000 fans have petitioned the Denver Broncos to participate in an online campaign against the bullying of gay teens. But the team has declined to join "It Gets Better," saying it is already, "committed to tolerance, acceptance and respect for all in the community."


But that wasn't enough for liberal media like the Huffington Post - they are intent on blaming their favorite punching bag, Christian quarterback Tim Tebow for the team's decision.


The "It Gets Better" project is an online project against gay teen bullying that resulted from a string of highly publicized gay teen suicides in 2009. The project, headed up by notoriously vile gay sex columnist Dan Savage, is a collection of YouTube videos submitted by those that wish to encourage bullied teens to hang in there. The project boasts such famous names as Ke$ha, Senate Democrats and even Barack Obama.


Tebow is the "miracle" quarterback for the Denver Broncos. He began the season on the bench, but after the Broncos' abysmal start, Tebow took over at QB, and has brought the team to 8-6, winning seven of the last nine games with him in the pocket, and a shot at the playoffs. His unconventional style as a quarterback and his outspoken evangelical Christianity have made him a hot topic in not only the sports world, but in religious and cultural circles as well. Jokes like "You can't lose when you've got JC in the pocket!" have permeated sports radio talk stations the nation over.


The secular left and media have ridiculed the former Heismann Trophy winner's faith since he was in college, playing with Bible verses scrawled in his game-day eye black. Then he appeared in a pro-life commercial with his mother that aired during Super bowl XLIV in 2010. The ad, tame in comparison to the pre-broadcast furor it caused, was sponsored by the socially conservative group, Focus on the Family.


Gay activists suspect Tebow's involvement with Focus on the Family is the reason he and the Broncos will not participate in this anti-bullying campaign.


"Last year, Tebow produced a Super Bowl ad for anti-gay, anti-choice Evangelical group Focus on the Family, and given the group's anti-LGBT slant, folks have been curious about Tebow's personal views on gay issues, bullying being just one of them," wrote Andy Towle at Towleroad.com.


But if the Broncos know anything about the man behind "It Gets Better," the team may be avoiding the campaign for other reasons. Savage, the raunchy sex columnist and gay advocate, is a bully himself: Savage is the man responsible for the "Google bomb" of Rick Santorum, attaching a vile sex term to the presidential candidate's name for his opposition to gay marriage. Savage has a history of attacking conservatives and anyone who publicly disagrees with his view on homosexuality and gay marriage.


Still, to liberals and the media, it must be Tim Tebow and his allies on the sinister Christian right that are keeping the Broncos on the campaign's sidelines.


The anti-Christian, anti-Tebow bias lives on.