Liberals: ‘We Do Want to Change Marriage’

MSNBC host among several liberals advocating for redefinition of family and marriage

Last week, gay marriage advocates on the left began to show their true colors. It started with Slate’s Jillian Keenan advocating for polygamy and The Huffington Post’s Abby Huntsman admitting that “gay marriage opens the door to legalizing polygamy and other things.” MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry went a step further, writing in The Nation on April 15, that the gay marriage debate helps us to realize marriage shouldn’t really matter at all.

“As we race to a victorious finish, it is time to begin forcefully articulating that, in fact, maybe we do want to change marriage – because while marriage should be a choice, it should not be an imperative… I hope we will be like the child who asks what difference it really makes. Because I suspect the goal of achieving this right is less about the ceremonies, the flowers, the love or even the economic benefits. I suspect the real goal is to achieve a more inclusive recognition of the authentic and enduring ways that we connect ourselves to one another, without needing the words ‘husband,’ ‘wife’ or even ‘spouse.’ The difference we want this movement to make is bigger than that.”

While gay marriage advocates have been adamant that gay marriage won’t change anything, Harris-Perry admitted something conservatives have been saying all along: That redefining marriage does alter it; in fact, it makes it meaningless. Of course, the fact that Harris-Perry thinks marriage shouldn’t matter isn’t surprising coming from someone who believes that parents don’t matter either. The MSNBC host and Tulane professor infamously said last week, “kids belong to their communities” and not to their parents or families. Not to mention her disregard for unborn children, or as she calls them, “things” that “turn into humans.”

The cavalier comments coming from liberals lately about marriage, family and children reveal the extreme nature of the gay marriage “movement” (as she calls it). Harris-Perry doesn’t just want “marriage equality.” She wants to disregard marriage altogether. This comes at the expense of parents, children and society. Let’s hope her opinions are only popular on the unwatched MSNBC.