Michael Moore Calls for Ban of Semiautomatic Guns

Lefty director: ‘Americans believe it’s OK to kill people.’

Oscar winning “documentary” film-maker Michael Moore is no stranger to activism. On Jan. 9, Moore told the AP that he was “heartbroken” that his 2002 pro-gun control documentary “Bowling for Columbine” had not moved the nation to make more strides toward gun control.

He continued by prescribing his “solution” that included gun bans and licensing. “The short term solution is we have to ban the assault weapons, ban the semiautomatic weapons, ban the magazines that can hold more than ten bullets. That's it. That should be the bottom line of what we need to start with," he argued.  “We are a violent people. We as Americans believe it’s OK to kill people,” he added.

On Jan. 4, however, Moore promoted the extremely violent Tarantino film “Django Unchained,” a movie one Huffington Post movie critic said made “the movie ‘Scarface’ look like a Disney adventure.” On his twitter, Moore claimed that the movie “is one of the best film satires ever.”

Moore was also spotlighted on the New York Post’s Page Six where he told an unnamed reporter that “those who deify Reagan and Pope John Paul II are responsible for the deaths of thousands of people … because of their bigotry.”

The radical filmmaker had spent the first weeks of 2013 by going on an anti-military vendetta to match his hatred of guns. His New Year's resolution was to "stop saying, 'I support the troops'. I don't." On Jan. 3, Moore added to this anti-military tirade by accusing the entire country of not actually supporting the troops either. He added, "I beg any young person reading this who's thinking of joining the armed forces to please reconsider."