Michael Moore for Pope

Michael Moore nominates himself for Papacy via Twitter.

It’s the international question as the conclave begins: who will be named the next Catholic pope. Among the 115 cardinals, prominent candidates stand out, from Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet to Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson. Oh, and then there’s the left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore.

As the conclave launched, Moore couldn’t help but nominate himself for the papacy, and ranted via twitter, “Dear Conclave: I'm available. Will wear white. Can say Mass-with magic tricks-in under 20min.The Italians killed Jesus. Will walk on L. Erie.” 

In a 140 character swoop, Moore dismissed the Mass as magic, blamed Italians for the crucifixion, and translated a Bible story into laughs. If that’s not talent, what is? 

This came from a man who once contemplated a vocation to the priesthood. Yet, besides the Twitter tirade, Moore’s anti-Catholic leanings became clear in other instances, such as by calling former Pope John Paul II supporters bigots.