Moore Urges Leno Audience to Threaten Doctors and Insurers

     Michael Moore is attempting to circumvent the free market system of health care by urging people to threaten health care professionals and insurance companies.


     In a July 26 appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” Moore announced on the show he is now issuing his own “health care card” on his Web site. If someone is not given the treatment they see fit, the card has step-by-step instructions for intimidating either the doctor or insurer with unsolicited media coverage.


     “The way this works is, anytime they give you any grief – your insurance company or whatever – you just whip this out and you say, ‘How would you like to be in Michael Moore’s next movie or on the DVD of ‘SiCKO’?’ and … you know, it says right here this card, if denied coverage, we’ll provide you coverage in a Michael Moore film,” said Moore.


     Moore spouted off about socialized medicine and the U.S. health insurance system for almost half of Leno’s hour-long show. His still incorrect number of uninsured Americans has fluctuated from appearance to appearance. In his movie, he stated there were nearly 50 million Americans.  On “Larry King Live” on July 10, he said there were 47 million. On the July 19 “The Colbert Report,” he stated there were 45 million Americans. The number was climbing again on “Tonight Show.”


     “How can we make use of that [private health insurance], when so many of our fellow Americans don’t have it – 47 million don’t have health insurance,” Moore said. “It just doesn’t seem like—uh,uh—the fair thing.” The actual number is far less.


     Moore also told viewers that immediately prior to his appearance on “The Tonight Show,” the U.S. Government had subpoenaed him for his excursion to Cuba.


     “Journalists can go [to Cuba], and this [‘SiCKO’] is a work of journalism,” Moore said.


     However, even under journalistic privilege, visits to the communist island are still strictly regulated by the federal government and require a license prior to going. That is something Moore neglected to mention.


     Even with the federal government’s inquiry, it didn’t dampen Moore’s willingness to coerce medical and insurance professionals.


     “With the power of YouTube and again, the power of your ‘SiCKO health care’ card, we can keep these guys honest, right?” Moore said.