Murdoch to Critics: Attacks on 'Powerful' Fox News 'Good For Ratings'

There’s no question Fox News is killing its competition in the ratings. And the reason is quite simple according to Rupert Murdoch, the CEO of News Corp. (NASDAQ: NWSA), the parent company of Fox News.

On Fox News Channel’s May 4 “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Murdoch credited the success of Fox News to the void it fills as people are concerned about the political direction of the nation. He explained with that, his network draws viewers since other networks lean liberal, which is the dominant view of those in power in Washington, D.C.

“Well, I think as Fox News goes, it’s very simple,” Murdoch said. “You know, it's very powerful, it's very good and it's very balanced. And you know, everybody else, every newspaper, every – maybe an over-generalization, but by far the most newspapers and certainly the other television networks sort of are all on one side, the liberal side of things and we're – I think the population of this country is pretty worried about its direction and they turned to Fox News.”

“Your World” host Neil Cavuto asked Murdoch if he welcomed those critiques on Fox News, to which Murdoch admitted he did because it was good for ratings.

“When you see the criticism in the media – criticism of you personally or Fox News or Fox anything, period – do you just look at numbers like this and say bring it on, bring it on?” Cavuto asked.

“It's good for ratings – oh yeah, absolutely,” Murdoch replied.

However, as for the relationship between Murdoch and the Obama White House, the News Corp. CEO claimed it’s cordial, despite its view of Fox News or The Wall Street Journal, which is also owned by News Corp.:

CAVUTO: How are your relations with the White House right now?
MURDOCH: Very good. I was down there on Saturday at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner and had very friendly words with several of the staff there.
CAVUTO: And they were nice to you?
MURDOCH: Oh they always are, yes.
CAVUTO: So this idea of bad blood between you or Fox and the White House
MURDOCH: They don't like Fox News, of course, but – or The Wall Street Journal – but we had a civil, personal relationship.

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