NBC Historian: 28 Degrees, So It Must Be 'Global Warming'

It was 28 degrees in Washington, D.C. on inauguration day, so naturally NBC blamed the weather on “global warming.” During the network’s coverage of the inaugural parade on Jan. 20, NBC News presidential historian Michael Beschloss claimed global warming could be responsible for the lack of snow.

As the camera turned to President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and their two children walking to the reviewing box, Beschloss described the scene: “And this wooden path that they’re walking down actually dates to many previous inaugurations because a lot of them had snow. It may just be that because of global warming the last few have not.”

But warmth was far from most inaugural observers’ minds since Washington was experiencing “sub-freezing” temperatures that sent about 200 spectators to the hospital with hypothermia, according to the USA Today.

“Temperature hit 28 degrees at noon, and the wind chill made it feel like 18 degrees, making Tuesday the coldest inauguration since 1985,” USA Today said.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently reported that in October 2008 the U.S. had 63 record snowfalls and 115 lowest-ever temperatures, according to The Australian.

Beschloss’s comments were consistent with the mainstream media that link everything from California wild fires to allergies to changes in the climate.

In addition to being NBC’s presidential historian, Beschloss has written nine books on American Presidents.

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