No Party ID for Disgraced Dem Blagojevich, But Times Passes Them Around When GOP's in Trouble

Another case of "Where's the party?"

Where's the party? Reporter Monica Davey's Friday story on the opening of jury selection in the trial of disgraced Democrat former governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois for trying to sell Barack Obama's old Senate seat in Illinois, made no mention of Blagojevich's Democratic party affiliation in nine paragraphs.

The Times also completely omitted the affiliation of the disgraced governor in a July 2009 story.

In fact, the Times often "forgets" to identify troubled Democrats like Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut by party at all, but almost never forgets the party identification of G.O.P. politicians, like Sen. John Ensign of Nevada, readily labeling the Republicans by party in the headline and/or lead sentence.