NYT's Gail Collins in 'Fetal Position' Over Possible Obama-Care Rejection

This week's online Q&A between New York Times columnists Gail Collins and David Brooks was a little edgier than the usual moderate muddle, thanks to a sharp focus on the Supreme Court's imminent decision on Obama-Care.

Brooks was pretty neutral on the possibility of the Supreme Court overturning Obama-Care, while Collins, who served as editorial page editor for the Times until 2007, was in "the fetal position" over the prospect:

Do you remember a couple of years ago when the health care law was teetering in the Senate and the Democrats lost Ted Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts? We were conversing then and I was in a hotel somewhere. Don’t remember the location but I do remember that I was typing while curled on the floor in a fetal position.

Once again, I’m in a hotel. This one’s in Houston, where I’m waiting for the health care decision and prepared to resume the fetal position. If this law is thrown out it will be a disaster socially, politically and economically.


You should also worry about what happens to the economy. I know you’re concerned about the cost of health care insurance for businesses and the impact on the deficit of Medicare. The only way we get control of that is through a national health care program. And if this one goes down there will never be another attempt at major health care reform in my lifetime or yours or your future grandchildren’s.