Is Obama's Health-Care Resurrection Nigh?

Some see religious iconography in a puzzling photo of Obama on the front of the Times Week in Review.

The most striking thing about Peter Baker's story at the front of the Times Week in Review, "Is Failure Forgivable?" is the photo illustration that takes up the entire top half of the page, a photograph taken by the Times' Damon Winter and illustrated by free-lance designer/illustrator Nola Lopez.

At first glance the symbol in the center certainly looks like a Christian cross, and the religious effect is heightened by the halo effect of the sun around Obama's head as he is giving a speech, presumably on health care. If the cross is meant as a medical symbol, as used by the Red Cross (a symbol itself derived from the Christian symbol), the execution is vague and open to any interpretation.

And the word "Forgivable" in the print headline is certainly a hint toward religious subtext, intentional or not, though honestly it's hard to see what the point of the photo illustration is.

Ed Morrissey has more speculation at Hot Air.