Politicians Keep Americans in the Dark to Bring Illegals 'Out of the Shadows'

“Comprehensive immigration reform” should be comprehensible. That requires Congress to read its 1,000 pages, hold public hearings and receive testimony about its costs, consequences and workability, engage in debate and listen to what “We the People” want. Remember us? Otherwise, call it what it is: bipartisan bluster and political opportunism, if not blatant misfeasance in office.

Those in Congress, the White House and media who are determined to reward those who reject our national sovereignty by entering our country in disobedience to our current immigration laws, which are not being effectively enforced, need to answer some questions. And if they won't engage in thoughtful and respectful debate, they should shut the heck up, drop this “reform,” and enforce current law.

Americans who are legitimately concerned about our country's security and solvency being destroyed by porous borders and irresponsible immigration policies are sick to death of being called anti-Latino, anti-immigrant, racist, vigilante, nativist, xenophobic, mean-spirited and unchristian. We are not racists—we're survivalists. And we know when we're being hustled.

Let's take what they've told us thus far about this “comprehensive immigration reform,” apply it to their property, and get real:

    Is your property fenced and do you decide who comes through the gate? If not, should your neighbors have to agree before you can build one? Do you call the police to apprehend trespassers and burglars? Are you content if the cops just “catch and return” them to your property line? Are you okay with trespassers invading your property and claiming a right to be there as “undocumented guest occupants”? Are their spouses, children and parents welcome too? How do you feel about government accepting $1,000 from your “undocumented guest occupants” and giving them a “Z visa” with a right to continue residing on your property while they wait a few years to qualify as “legal permanent residents”? If the “Z visa” occupants pay an additional $4,000 fine, return to their home country to file a green card application and “demonstrate merit,” are you okay with them having a right to reenter your property as eviction-exempt “permanent residents”? What if the government decides it's only fair for you to pay their fines? Are you willing to foot the bill for the medical care, education and retirement of these “permanent residents” or will you be billing taxpayers? If you don't want the guest occupants on your property, do you expect the “catch and return” cops to take them back to the property line? What's your feeling about the Mexican government providing its migratory citizens a brochure with directions to your property and its key entry points? Just how much lettuce are you consuming? Since you keep reminding us that it's impossible to round up 12 million illegals, why do you think they're going to go home voluntarily to wait in line for re-entry when they weren't willing to do that in the first place? What's your plan after you tell us this new batch of immigration laws is “broken” and “unenforceable”? Why do you suppose the Mexican government is so eager for its decent, hard-working, law-abiding people to leave, and makes it so hard for decent, hard-working, law-abiding Americans to reside there? To those telling us how “unchristian” we are because “Jesus would never turn anyone away”: Have you read the part where He said, “I tell you the truth, the man who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber”? How about, “Depart from Me, I never knew you”? Then there's that whip He used to drive money changers out of the Temple. You might want to ponder it before chalking it up to enforcing the law, as in “go thou and do likewise.” On a related note, since when is the United States a church? It seems the Supreme Court shot down that one some time ago, something about a “wall of separation.” How do you feel about hard-working Americans taking the jobs of politicians who won't do the work Americans want done? An extra question for President Bush: Sir, is the Secret Service doing “catch and return” with those who jump the White House fence, or are you still of the opinion that they're not all decent, law-abiding tourists?

What if we just camp out on Ted Kennedy's Hyannis compound, John McCain's place in Arizona and that nice ranch in Crawford to get some answers and see how fast the ICE man cometh?

Jan LaRue is a member of CMI's Board of Advisors.