The Politics of Childbirth at ABC

Would the media ever ask a liberal new mom such a question?

On Good Morning America, January 9, ABC's Juju Chang asked Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the token conservative on The View, whether her politics had changed after she gave birth. 

Chang apparently thinks having a child might make a conservative a bit more liberal.   Note to Chang: the responsibilities of parenthood usually push people to the right, not to the left. 

During the interview, Chang labeled Hasselbeck as “conservative” two times, but failed to label her fellow View co-host Rosie O'Donnell as a “liberal.”  Chang also managed to work in a humanizing plug for Hillary Clinton.

Chang, who gave birth within nine days of Hasselbeck, was back on GMA to interview The View's co-host, who returned to her show this week.  The interview was set up to be a chat between two new moms, but quickly became political.

Chang:  Has motherhood changed your views at all – either your politics or just your worldview or your life view ?

Hasselbeck:  I think motherhood stirs up questions about life.  You look at it differently.  I'm not voting just as a single woman anymore or just for myself.   I'm actually looking at how this world will be shaped so that my kids can live in a place that's safe for them. And that is my main goal. I think it does change.

Chang:  I understand that Hillary Clinton sent your baby a note.

Hasselbeck: She sent Taylor a “Welcome to the World” note.  It was actually quite a nice gesture. I was waiting for the cash she wants to give the new babies born. I was looking in there for that.

Chang:  But you joked you wouldn't even consider voting for Hillary.  Does that still stand?

Hasselbeck: I'm sure she's an exceptional woman. Politics, speaking politics only, we would just disagree on things and her policies are not something I would necessarily support. But it's not a personal thing.

Chang:  Hasselbeck's conservative politics are well known of course and last season she clashed very publicly with then co-host Rosie O'Donnell.

It would have been nice if Hasselbeck had asked Chang's question back to her, but her dig at Hillary Clinton's proposal to give all newborns a government-sponsored baby gift was sweet.

Kristen Fyfe is senior writer at the Culture and Media Institute, a division of the Media Research Center.