Pro-abortion activists outnumbered in abortion standoff at The ‘March for Life’

Approximately 20 pro-choice women face thousands of pro-life protestors at the Supreme Court

If there really were a “war on women” there should have been a good number of female combatants on the national mall Wednesday to protest against the March for Life, the largest annual pro-life gathering in the country. However only about 20 women, all appearing to be under 25 years old, showed up to defend abortion Wednesday, in the face of tens of thousands of women who stood against it.


The March for Life is not only the largest pro-life gathering but also the largest annual protest in the United States. Even in the midst of freezing temperatures, pro-life advocates estimate that hundreds of thousands of women, men, and children showed up. Years past estimates have put the number in the millions.

While pro-life women carried signs like, “I regret my abortion,” “We are the pro-life generation,” and “Conceived from rape: I love my life;” the 20  pro-choice women carried such classy signs like, “Get your politics out of my pussy,”  “I am not an incubator,” and “Dr. George Tiller is my hero,” and identified with the feminist National Organization of Women (NOW).

March president, Jeanne Monahan, said at the rally beforehand that there wasn’t a “war on women” in this country, but a “war on motherhood.” By looking at these young women holding signs that glorify abortion doctors and treat children as diseases, it’s not hard to agree with Monahan’s assessment.

— Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center. Follow Kristine Marsh on Twitter.