Remember, ‘Weather isn’t Climate’ Unless it Proves Warming

Extreme weather tells us nothing about climate change, unless the media says so.

Al Gore is concerned about Mother Nature. In a statement he released on his blog on Oct. 30 2012, he hyped the imminent doom of global warming. “Hurricane Sandy is a disturbing sign of things to come,” the Goricle stated. No big surprise that Gore would immediately link Sandy to global warming. After all, he’s gotten very rich claiming the sky is falling. Unfortunately, Gore wasn’t the only one.

Andrew Revkin, self-proclaimed global warming advocate, published an op-ed in The New York Times on Oct. 28, just as Sandy was starting to ravage the East Coast. Revkin’s piece appeared in his section Dot Earth, which, in a rare Times nod to reality, was moved from the news section to the opinion pages in 2010.

In “The #Frakenstorm in Climate Context,” Revkin speculated that Sandy was caused by global warming. “There are several areas in which greenhouse-driven warming is thought to be a potential influence,” he declared. The first area is the “buildup of heat in southern surface waters.”

But “weather is not climate,” right? That’s what an Obama administration scientist told conservatives in the midst of the very cold, very snowy winter of 2010. So did really smart journalists like ABC’s Bill Blakemore. So weather isn’t climate, at least in instances where weather cast doubt on man-made global warming.

In reality, the media have a history of linking weather incidents to prove global warming. In 2011, New York Times columnist and former Executive Editor Bill Keller blamed wild fires in Texas on global warming. Later that year, ABC anchor Diane Sawyer referred to the wind disaster that killed seven people in Indiana as “Weather Gone Wild,” followed by reporter Jim Avila pondering if this event could reflect “heat around the globe.” In Feb. 2012, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams attributed the warmer weather in winter to global warming, ignoring the cyclical nature of weather completely.

Some forecasts predict that the coming winter will be particularly harsh. Remember, the feet of snow and sub-zero temperatures don’t tell us anything about climate change. Unless the warming alarmist media say they do.