SFist Adopts Language of Westboro Baptist Church to Mock Death of Chick-fil-A Spokesman

Headline uses language of Westboro Baptist Church in order to mock death.

San Francisco media outlet SFist has adopted the language of the Westboro Baptist Church to bash Chick-fil-A, referencing the death of Chick-fil-A spokesman Donald Perry with the question “God Hates Flacks?”

A July 27 article about the death of Chick-fil-A PR Vice President Donald Perry was titled “God Hates Flacks? Chick-fil-A Spokesman Dies of Heart Attack.” The headline references the disgusting slogan of the Westboro Baptist Church – God Hates Fags.

The author made clear his disdain for supporters of traditional marriage, writing: “On the other hand, fans of waffle fries, peach shakes, and oppressing LGBT couples who would just like to have their love recognized, started an anti-boycott campaign to support the company's anti-civil rights stance. Next Wednesday, August 1st supporters like Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum will reaffirm their Christian values by giving money to the intolerant fast food chain in exchange for chicken strips.”

It is laughably hypocritical for a writer who supposedly supports tolerance to use the language of the Westboro Baptist Church when discussing a man’s death. But the proponents of tolerance seem to have no problem displaying their basic intolerance.