Soros Crony Jeffrey Sachs Predictably Politicizes Tragedy

In wake of Sandy Hook shootings, Sachs argues U.S. should ‘adopt gun control laws’ like Australia.

Sachs, a Columbia Professor and former runner-up for the World Bank Presidency nomination, didn’t waste any time in using the tragedy in Newtown, Conn. to promote his already existent pro-gun control campaign.

Since the violence at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut on Dec. 14, Sachs has tweeted 15 original tweets (not including retweets), and written 3 articles for his own website alone ranting for stricter gun control laws.

“Will our twisted, gutless political class ever do anything about gun control? Can any atrocity bring the US to reality?” Sachs tweeted soon after the shootings. In another tweet, Sachs claimed that “Gun lobby foments nonsense that we need unregulated automatic rifles to stop tyranny. Yet most strong democracies have strong gun control.”

Sachs also told Bloomberg News on Dec. 17 that the “mindlessness of this country completely violates what every other high income country is doing.” He argued that the U.S. should adopt gun control laws similar to Australia’s, which make it nearly impossible to own firearms.

One of Sachs’s most notable works is his “Millennium Village Project,” which has received $50 million from George Soros’s Open Society Institute as of October 2011, with another $27 million promised over the next few years.

The goal of the Millennium Promise Campaign is to get “the world’s 22 richest nations” to increase their foreign aid budgets.