There Are No Liberal Democrats, Only 'Influential Democrats'

Liberals are challenging the Obama administration from the left, asserting a legal right of Medicaid recipients to sue the government for greater health benefits. But Robert Pear called no one a "liberal," and consulted no Republicans or conservatives.

Ultraliberals are breaking ranks with the president on the right of Medicaid recipients to sue to 'enforce their right to care – and to challenge Medicaid cuts being made by states around the country.' Times reporter Robert Pear wrote up that story – without the 'ultraliberal' part. In fact, the lawsuit-backing liberals were described only as 'influential Democrats."

The brief was filed by seven influential Democrats, including Representative Henry A. Waxman of California, an architect of Medicaid; Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the House minority leader; Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate majority leader; and Senator Max Baucus of Montana, the chairman of the Finance Committee.

The lifetime ACU ratings of this grouping: Waxman (4), Pelosi (2.5), Reid (17.9), and Baucus (14). By the media's standards, anyone who's not in single digits is a 'moderate,' but any Republican above 80 percent would obviously be a 'conservative.'

Pear's piece included no one to the right of the Obama Justice Department for a critique of the Waxman-Pelosi brief. No Republicans or conservative experts were apparently needed for expert consultation.

The Daily Kos blog boldly compared the lawsuit-backing liberals to Martin Luther King...and Martin Luther.