Third Eye Blind Singer Jenkins Drunkenly Bashes Libertarians, GOP During Press Party

‘Flaming liberal’ rocker says he ‘F-ing’ hates libertarians, calls Rubio uninformed on climate change, Republican Party ‘just terrible.’

Editor’s Note: Story includes explicit language.

Third Eye Blind’s singer songwriter Stephan Jenkins found out this week what happens when you get drunk with a bunch of political reporters in Washington, D.C.

The Daily Beast reported July 1 that the journalists were at an album-release party for Dopamine, “for the bar food and the hard liquor.” Rather than being a discussion on the 90s rock band’s latest music, the drunk group debated politics and Jenkins insulted conservatives, libertarians, Republicans and George W. Bush, presidential candidate Marco Rubio and others.

Daily Beast deputy social media editor Asawin Suebsaeng described Jenkins as a “flaming liberal.” Of course,Suebsaeng followed up with Jenkins after some of the attacks were publicized and gave him a place to air some his “remorse” and claims that he was “joking” about some of his comments.

One of things Jenkins took heat for saying was, “I f-ing hate libertarians.” CNN Politics Senior Reporter Chris Moody initially tweeted the remark which resulted in an angry backlash on Twitter. Suebsaeng said Jenkins claimed that was a joke and he doesn’t really “fucking hate” libertarians.

Jenkins had also described the “Republican Party as a whole” as “terrible,” complaining that the party opposed climate change efforts like cap and trade because they got “their money from Exxon, BP, and the Koch brothers.”

“As is, the Republican Party follows the narrowest, most base instincts of its base, as well as just being agents of corporate interests,” Jenkins said.

He took shots at several Republican presidential candidates too, saying Rubio “doesn’t understand global warming” and Jeb Bush for consulting “neocon architects” of the Iraq war.