TIME Makes God a ‘She’ for PC History Month

Debbie Blue’s feminist fringe theology puts a dress on the Almighty.

All the major monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity,  Islam – depict God as a “He.” From the beginning of the the Old Testament, God refers to Himself using masculine pronouns. But what’s 5,000 years of tradition and theological understanding against Women’s History Month, 2014? 

God, you see, is a she, according to a woman pastor TIME Magazine enlisted to write on religion in honor of the month-long PC hug-fest. 

The article “God’s Feminine Side” by the clearly theologically confused Pastor Debbie Blue, picks and chooses Bible verses with feminine language and analogies made to female animals to prove the point that God must have a feminine side. Blue calls it, “the divine him/her/it.”   

Blue claims the analogy of “being born again” is obviously symbolic of God’s femininity:

"In Isaiah, God says ‘like a woman in labor I will moan; I will pant, I will gasp.’ God is in the process of giving birth to her people here, and it is not an easy delivery. The birth image continues in the gospel of John. Jesus tells Nicodemus that if he wants to see God’s kingdom, he must be born anew."

Of course, this type of misguided theology is derived from radical feminist interpretation, and Blue is happy to oblige on the failures of “patriarchy.” She boasts,“A close reading of the Bible gives us many glimpses of an Almighty not defined by patriarchy.” Further down she says again, “layers and layers of patriarchy involved in the whole shebang” ruin our understanding of God. In case you missed it, she says it again:

It takes some effort and imagination to dislodge this monolithic HE, but if you are willing to dig around a little or look at things from a different angle in the text, you can find many glimpses of a God not defined by patriarchya god that is larger (or perhaps smaller), or just altogether different from the Almighty Father.

And we all know, “patriarchy” is bad. So liberals have to come up with their own alternative, and shoehorn it into their own feminist women’s history month. The truth is, self-obsessed lefties can’t stand to look at something and not see their reflection in it.

Generations of Christians and Jews have had no problem with the Almighty Father depicted in the Bible, yet Blue feels the need to upend this familiar image. According to TIME,” Debbie Blue is one of the founding pastors of House of Mercy, a church in St. Paul, Minnesota, that was once named “the Best Church for Non-Church Goers.” Well that explains things a bit. A church that appeals to people who don’t like what the church teaches: the Bible. No wonder Blue’s theology is popular with these type of folks.

— Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center. Follow Kristine Marsh on Twitter.