Times Makes Obama's Hawaiian Vacation a True Day at the Beach

Even while the candidate's on vacation, the Obama camp gets more and better coverage than does John McCain.

Even while on vacation in Hawaii, Barack Obama is managing to get more and better coverage than John McCain.

The only reference to McCain's campaigning in Michigan on Wednesday is a brief story about Cindy McCain hurting her hand while shaking hands, coupled with a picture of an unsmiling Mrs. McCain with her arm in a sling.

In other Thursday news stories, a think-piece by reporter Larry Rohter on Social Security insisted that the McCain camp had "infuriated his party's right wing" by talking about saving Social Security, while the story's text box saluted Obama: "McCain lands in a thicket on an issue, but Obama seems to have avoided it."

Thursday's Times also contained an unflattering story, based on Democrat talking points, about McCain foreign policy advisor (and former lobbyist for Georgia) Randy Scheunemann.

As for the vacationing Obama, Kate Zernike wrote a long article in praise of Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, one of Obama's potential VP candidates.