Times Watch Quotes of Note - 'Fear-Filled, Nationalistic Fervor' After 9-11 Attacks

Plus the paper's ethics columnist berates radio blowhards and tea party crackpots," and David Brooks lets us know what his fellow journalists really think of Sarah Palin.

Reporter Hits 'Fear-Filled, Nationalistic Fervor' After 9-11 Attacks

"In the fear-filled, nationalistic fervor after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in September 2001, Congress rushed to approve President George W. Bush's decision to attack Afghanistan, the country where the terrorist leaders had trained for their suicide voyage." - Bay Area contributor Daniel Weintraub, December 20 in a fawning profile of left-wing pacific Rep. Barbara Lee headlined "Fear Becomes Reality for Oakland Democrat."

Opposing Obama-Care Not Principled, but "More Republican Stalling"

"But the clear will of Democratic leaders in Congress is not to deal with more Republican stalling. And so rather than try to appoint a formal conference, which would require at least three steps that Republicans could filibuster, the Democrats are readying an alternate strategy." - David Herszenhorn in a December 5 story.

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