Times Watch Quotes of Note - Voters 'Don't Want' GOP to Stop Obama-care for Fear of 'Gridlock'

Also, Frank Rich warns that the radical right's anger will target "gays, Latinos and Muslims," and conservatives lie about vote fraud.

Voters 'Don't Want' GOP to Stop Obama-care for Fear of 'Gridlock'

"Republicans could face some complications as well. You know, President Obama still has the veto power and he can overrule any attempt to undo his health care bill. One big question is whether Republicans will try to hack away at the bill by gumming up the works through the appropriations process and stopping its provisions from going into effect. That could result in Washington gridlock, which is exactly what the voters don't want." - Sheryl Gay Stolberg on the November 3 edition of TimesCast, the paper's daily video news briefing.

Bush's Inspiration 9-11 Bullhorn "Disturbing First Glimpse" of Bush's Priorities

"'Breaking New Ground: Presenting the George W. Bush Presidential Center,' an exhibit set to open this weekend on the campus of Southern Methodist University, prominently features the handgun taken from Saddam Hussein and the loudspeaker used to address rescue workers at the World Trade Center in September 2001. The choice of mementos, emphasizing some of the more controversial foreign policy aspects of the Bush presidency, has reinvigorated opposition to the center's presence at the university...The new opening exhibit, some Methodist leaders said, provides a disturbing first glimpse into the presidential center's priorities." - Reporter Michael Brick, October 22.

"Radical Right's Anger" Will Target "Gays, Latinos and Muslims"

"That wave of anger began with the parallel 2008 cataclysms of the economy's collapse and Barack Obama's ascension. The mood has not subsided since. But in the final stretch of 2010, the radical right's anger is becoming less focused, more free-floating - more likely to be aimed at 'government' in general, whatever the location or officials in charge. The anger is also more likely to claim minorities like gays, Latinos and Muslims as collateral damage." - Columnist Frank Rich, October 17.

Conservatives Lie About Vote Fraud

"In 2006, conservative activists repeatedly claimed that the problem of people casting fraudulent votes was so widespread that it was corrupting the political process and possibly costing their candidates victories. The accusations turned out to be largely false, but they led to a heated debate, with voting rights groups claiming that the accusations were crippling voter registration drives and squelching turnout." - Reporter Ian Urbina, October 27.

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