Wife of Jason Biggs Jokes about Child Rape; Defends Husband’s Misogynistic Tweets

No word from Nickelodeon about Teen Choice Award contender’s lewd, nasty tweets.

Update: Since publication, Mollen has deleted the original tweet. However, it was screen-captured and can be seen here.

Editor’s Note: This article contains graphic sexual language.

From the A-List (Alec Baldwin) to the B-List (Ellen Barkin) to the C minus-List (Rosanne Barr) Hollywood liberals just ooze class. But if you want to find real high-brow discourse, you sometimes have to reach down to the sub-D-list.

That’s where you’ll find Jason Biggs, who trades in filthy, perverted tweets about Ann Romney and Janna Ryan. And his wife, some-time actress Jenny Mollen, who has no problem with her spouse’s self-expression. In fact, Mollen likes to chime in herself, as she did recently, with a tasteful, sophisticated joke about her husband committing statutory rape on 8th grade children.

Biggs’s Twitter account is currently being promoted by kid’s channel Nickelodeon, and in May Mollen tweeted “My husband is up for a Teen Choice Award which means tons of 8th grader pussy! Please make sure your kids vote!”

Nickelodeon, with a viewership of kids 10 to 17, still has made no comment about the couple’s tweets.

According to John Nolte at BigHollywood “Nickelodeon directs your children to [Biggs’s] Twitter account filled with sexist talk of bleached assholes, incest (complete with photos), "cock," photos of dildos, and Chick-fil-A trashing.”

Recently Biggs tweeted about Paul Ryan, saying, “I bet there’s footage somewhere of Paul Ryan jerking off to a close-up photo of his widow’s peak. #RNC.”

Later Biggs made vile statements about Ryan’s wife, Janna. “I’d totes dip a pinky or two in Paul Ryan’s wife’s bleached asshole ( she obvs bleaches her asshole.) #RNC,” Biggs tweeted.

Biggs faced a harsh backlash on Twitter and deleted the offensive tweets, but he and his wife show no remorse for their actions. No doubt Biggs would be fired immediately and ostracized from liberal society if his comments were made about Michelle Obama.

Breitbart.com Editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro noted that Nickelodeon launched an anti-bullying initiative which dealt specifically with cyber bullying.

“The website for that initiative insists, “Bullying doesn’t have to happen in person. Sometimes bullies will say hurtful things on the Internet. It’s important to also learn about cyberbullying!” Not only that – Nickelodeon encourages you to “Stand up for someone that you see being bullied and tell an adult about the problem,” Shapiro wrote.

Shapiro encouraged readers to write to Nickelodeon’s West Coast Vice President, asking three key questions:

Do you believe Mr. Biggs' cyber-bullying of conservative women compromises your company's anti-bullying efforts? http://www.nick.com/thebighelp/anti-bullying

-Do you believe Jason Biggs' misogynist tweets about conservative women will alienate families who watch your programming?

-If Jason Biggs had tweeted about Michelle Obama's anus, would he be able to keep his job with you?

So far there’s only silence from the left, driving home the point that liberals will never hold their kind accountable.