‘Young Turks’ Host: ‘‘Fox News Sets Race Relations Back Every Single Day’

Moonbat video show called Fox racist for accusing media, DOJ of inciting anti-cop violence.

“The Young Turks,” a popular left-wing talk show on Youtube ran by former MSNBC host Cenk Uygur, came to the defense of the Ferguson protesters after Fox News host Brian Kilmeade claimed the media incited protesters to violent anger with it’s reporting and dead cops is what the protesters have wanted all along. Uygur disagreed vehemently with that claim, ranting “they [the protesters] didn’t want that!” 

So they didn’t cheer in the aftermath? A protestor didn’t taunt the police trying to rescue their wounded brothers, calling out "Acknowledgement nine months ago would have kept that from happening!"? 

Let’s not forget that two cops in New York were killed Dec. 20 and the murderers claimed to be motivated by the shootings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. They wrote on Instagram, “they take 1 of ours…. Let’s take 2 of theirs. #RIPEricGarner and #RIPMikeBrown.” Leading up to these shootings,anti-police rhetoric and chants like “kill the Police” were well documented online, yet the mainstream media largely ignored these calls for violence. 

Co-host Jimmy Dore did not agree or disagree with that Uygur but accused Kilmeade of “thinly-veiled racism” and validated the protesters actions as responding to long-standing “injustice” and “oppression”: 

“[Kilmeade] says, “I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before.” I’M SURPRISED too. Especially since that police organization has been oppressing them in a racist manner for about 30 years.”

In other words, Dore’s not condoning anti-cop violence, he just doesn’t much care about it.

Dore continued:

He totally takes the focus off where it should be. The focus should be on what’s happened over the last 30 years. Instead, it’s like an adult child of an alcoholic — instead of being angry at the people doing injustice in their community, he’s angry at the people who are reporting the injustice in the community.”

Or maybe Kilmeade’s angry at the hack therapist convinced that if he digs long and deep enough in the psyche of that adult child of an alcoholic, he’ll find all kinds of trauma – true or otherwise.

(By the way, ya gotta love Dore’s liberal paternalism: Ferguson residents aren’t individual citizens with the ability to make moral and practical choices. They’re damaged children incapable of much other than pointing fingers and acting out.)

Later in the segment, Uygur blasted Fox News host Andrea Tarantaros for saying that the media and Holder have set race relations back 50 years with their reporting on Ferguson: “WE [the liberal media] set race relations back? Eric Holder set race relations back? Fox News sets race relations back every single day.”

— Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center. Follow Kristine Marsh on Twitter.