Dan Kennedy

Author Articles

Stupidity and Thievery at Two Government Levels

Borrow and steal in D.C. and Phoenix.

Of Mice & Media

Obamas jobs ideas show hes toying with us.

The Truth Greenspan Knows

There's plenty of money. It's just hiding from this failed president.

What the Food Stamp Explosion Says

Who says Obama's not helping business? Fast food is raking in money from those on assistance.

The Debt Ceiling Argument is the Wrong Conversation

Not another cent for incompetence and corruption.

Missing the Point Yet Again

What part of 'broke' don't people understand?

True Confessions of a Befuddled Treasury Secretary

Timmy Geithner is experimenting.

Continuing To Fiddle While Rome Burns

Spending money that doesn't exist on programs that shouldn't exist.

Don't Worry Snookie, Government's Looking Out for You

While Rome burns, Obama's bureaucrats fiddle with sun screen.

That Annoying Sarah Palin

Sarah Barracuda brings out the worst (and the strangest) in our media masters.

Contemptuous and In Contempt

Obama continues to scoff at the laws the rest of us must abide.

Superman at the United Nations

With less-than super timing, Man-of-Steel goes globalist.

The Speech I Skipped

Even without listening it was clear the president would call for more spending, more government and more taxes.

The Constituency Waiting For Its Candidate

Obama and GOP ignore small business owners at their peril.

What Do 49 Percent Approve of?

Even Chris 'Thriller' Matthews perplexed by Obama.

Living in Tomorrowland

President Obama's foolish lack of urgency.

The Sanctity of Contracts? Seriously?

Rather than parroting union outrage over broken contracts, media should remind public of GM bail-out.

The Trouble with Giving Speeches

Faith in government, faith in words, faith in unicorns.

Taking Business to Task

Mr. President, heal thyself. Then come talk to us.

Just Say No to State Bailouts

The government will not put itself on austerity, only the people can force it to.