Electronic Voting: The Catastrophe that Wasn't

Electronic Voting: The Catastrophe that Wasnt
Since the 2004 election, the media have been buzzing about Diebold, maker of electronic voting machines, and warning that the company could have control over elections. But now that 2006s votes have been counted, the airwaves have been starkly silent. Where have all the fraud and conspiracy charges gone?

Media Rely on Stories That Are 'Bad for You'
BMI Director Dan Gainor marvels that sugar and spice and everything else are all supposedly harmful - except when they're not.

G: CS Monitor writer gives advice for sellers in a buyers market
B: Lou Dobbs wages war on business over ballot initiatives passage
U: NY Times fires up bias against a Texas energy company

Dobbs Knocks Conservative, Business Groups on Wages

Posts Version of Rent Complains about Cost

Is Being Short a Disability?

CNN Hypes Danger of Backover Accidents with SUVs


The Skunk in the Fiber: Why net neutrality is a stinker of an idea (Heartland)

Nov. 13 podcast: The demise of the no-smoking section (Cato)

CAGW pushes for a fiscally responsible 110th Congress (Citizens Against Govt. Waste)

Fat taxes are the wrong prescription (Tax Foundation)

Democrats reveal their true intentions: tax hikes (Americans for Tax Reform)

Federal Reserve Policy in the Face of Crises
Cato Institute
Washington, D.C., November 16

The Entrepreneurial Imperative: How Americas Economic Miracle Will Reshape the World (and Change Your Life)
The Heritage Foundation
Washington, D.C., November 27

Founders Night 2006
Independence Institute
Denver, Colo., November 29

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