Health Care Lie: '47 Million Uninsured Americans

Health Care Lie: '47 Million Uninsured Americans'
Forget what youve heard. That often repeated claim about the 47 million uninsured Americans simply isnt true. Michael Moore, President Bush, the presidential candidates and the media were wrong. According to the Census Bureau, that figure includes nearly 10 million non-citizens, but thats just the tip of the iceberg. The crisis of the uninsured is significantly smaller than youve been told.

Blackouts: New Energy Conservation Program?
Energy supplies are running low, gas prices climbing high and in the media businesses get the blame. But that blame really belongs in Washington, D.C., where a contradictory energy policy has the U.S. headed toward a new conservation program: energy elimination.

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B: ABC, CBS and NBC Downplay Record-Breaking Day on Wall Street
U: MSNBCs Olbermann Shows His Love for Moore and 'SiCKO'

Iraq War too Costly to CNN

CBS: Recycling Might Be a Deadly Problem

Moore Continues Publicity-Seeking Jihad against CNN

World News Ga-Ga Over Penguin Protection

Evening News Attacks Privatization of Medicare


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