Media Blame Businesses in the Wake of Tech Tragedy

Media Blame Businesses in the Wake of Tech Tragedy
Unwilling to stop at the Virginia Tech gunman who committed suicide, journalists have shifted blame for the campus shooting onto gun makers, gun stores, and even eBay. In the midst of the hype, at least one gun store owner has received death threats.

Media to U.S.: Lose the Guns, Get Sophisticated
BMIs own rarity a trained gun user and journalist speaks out on the medias treatment of American gun culture following the latest shooting. Amy Menefee shows how journalists have ignored facts and common sense in their dramatic attempts at political persuasion.

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Work, Taxes and Entitlements in America and Europe
May 1, 2007
American Enterprise Institute, Washington, D.C.

Save the date: Health Care Conference
June 14, 2007
Washington Policy Center, SeaTac, WA

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