Media Negative throughout Nearly Four Years of Job Growth

Media Negative throughout Nearly Four Years of Job Growth
Roughly four years and at least 8.3 million jobs later, the media have done a terrible job reporting on U.S. employment since the Bush tax cuts took effect. Instead of lauding 47 straight months of job growth, the media have criticized, downplayed or ignored this positive economic news.

Econ 101: The Problem with Bailouts
Bailing out a bum sector of the economy - with my money and yours - sends the message that people can do whatever they want without consequences. And that idea is how the mortgage problem started.

G: Higher than expected auto sales numbers send stocks higher
B: CNBC reporter critical of Bushs bailout efforts
U: Distorting the facts in the name of global warming

Obama Wants More Regulation, But Experts Beg To Differ

Networks Ignore Higher Than Expected GDP Growth

American Morning Praises Disgusting Produce Paradise Music Video

Select the Media Research Center this fall in the  Combined Federal Campaign

CFC# 12489

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Sept. 6, 2007, Washington, D.C.
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Sept. 13, 2007, Washington, D.C.
Cato Institute and Tax Foundation

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Sept. 26, 2007, Indianapolis, Ind.
Sagamore Institute

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