Media: U.S. Should Throw Billions of Dollars at Global Warming

Media: U.S. Should Throw Billions of Dollars at Global Warming
Back in 1997, the Senate resoundingly said the U.S. wasnt interested in any emissions-cutting treaty that would hurt our economy. Will a new Congress give in to world pressure on global warming? If the media had their way, America would be paying $180 billion per year.

Trans Fats: Public Health Enemy No. 1?
BMI Adviser Dr. Elizabeth M. Whelan, president of the American Council on Science and Health, explains why the medias focus on trans fats is misleading. Meanwhile, other health threats are getting little attention.

G: Washington Post finds the market for organic crops favors small farmers
B: PBS pushes voters toward more government regulation of business
U: ABC slams Wal-Mart for expecting workers to show up on time

Networks Downplay Strong Jobs Report

ABC Sacks Wal-Mart for Employee Lateness Policy

Times Gives Coal Company Its Lumps

Couric Worries That Dow Is Down from Record High


Baltimore agency must open eminent domain meetings to the public (AP)

The Fallacy of Divided Government: Gridlock will not free markets (AEI)

Chicago mayor vetoes big-box wage ordinance (Heartland)

Irradiation can make our food safer (TCSDaily)

Poll: Majority believes government doing too much (CNN)

Flat Tax Reform in Slovakia: Lessons for the United States
Cato Institute
Washington, D.C., November 14

Tax Foundations 69th Annual Dinner and Distinguished Service Awards
Four Seasons Hotel
Washington, D.C., November 16; RSVP by November 10.

Federal Reserve Policy in the Face of Crises
Cato Institute
Washington, D.C., November 16

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