Networks: Bashing Airlines Is Just the Ticket

Networks: Bashing Airlines Is Just the Ticket
Its been a turbulent summer for the airline industry thanks to the network news media. Journalists have been quick to attack airlines for problems that can actually be traced to government incompetence namely the Federal Aviation Administration and its outdated air traffic control system.

Left-Wing Cry of 'Revolution' More than Same Old Song
Calls for societal change show liberals want to overturn the things that made America great.

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Select the Media Research Center this fall in the  Combined Federal Campaign

CFC# 12489

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BMI Adviser Grace-Marie Turner of the Galen Institute

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The Heritage Foundation

Flood Insurance Stymied by Federal Government
Competitive Enterprise Institute

Global Warming Facts
The Heartland Institute

A Healthier US Starts Here!
Aug. 31, 2007, Las Vegas, Nev.
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
For more information, contact Lauren Block at 202-690-2303 or

Safeguarding and Rebuilding Americas Physical Infrastructure
Sept. 5, 2007, Bloomington, Minn.
Center of the American Experiment

Health Care at the Crossroads: What Constitutes Fair and Equal?
Sept. 6, 2007, Washington, D.C.
The Heritage Foundation

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