Networks Ignore U.S. Agreement on Global Warming

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Refining: the Untold Story of the Oil Chain
Gas prices are up, and Hurricane Katrinas shutdown of Gulf refineries is bad. That much we know. But whats the rest of the story? TheBusiness & Media Institute looked for answers in three months of network news coverage and found few explanations of how U.S. oil refining fits into the gas supply picture.

The Media Spin: Reading Tea Leaves on Global Warming
David Goodnow, a veteran reporter and former CNN anchor, is an adviser to the Business & Media Institute. His column this month recalls the history of global climate frights back in the news as reporters link Hurricane Katrina with global warming. Would you believe people once feared another little ice age?

One-sided View of Housing Bubbles to Surface
When Alan Greenspan speaks, people listen. But the media continue to interpret his statements toward a coming housing apocalypse whether he foretells it or not.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly tracks the best and worst media coverage of business and economics. Readers are invited to submit suggestions or news tips to Director Dan Gainor.
This week: An attempt to cover outsourcing; and two good reasons not to read The Washington Post.

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Commentary: Desmond Lachman of the American Enterprise Institute says the rise in oil prices demands attention to the global marketplace.

Commentary: Catos Alan Reynolds takes on the conventional wisdom about the proposed changes to fuel efficiency standards.

Global Warming

Commentary: So, are hurricanes getting worse because of global warming? Catos Pat Michaels answers.

Internet Commerce

Commentary: AEIs James K. Glassman extols Americas entrepreneurship engine and the free market made possible by the Internet.

News: The Heartland Institutes Steve Stanek writes for Budget & Tax News about the 18-state network that is working to tax Internet commerce.


News: The Heartland Institutes John W. Skorburg examines state budget figures: Total state tax revenues grew three times faster than inflation in the first quarter. Are lower tax rates the key?

Free Market

Research: Is American consumer spending out of control? AEIs John H. Makin explores spending, saving and the Feds role.

Interview: Ed Feulner, the president of The Heritage Foundation, knew famed economist
F.A. Hayek personally. Now, 60 years after the end of World War II, Feulner
discusses Hayeks The Road to Serfdom and its enduring influence.