Networks Pump Up Gas Prices

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The Picture of Hype
How much is gas at your corner station? Tack on another 75 cents and thats probably the price the networks will be showing on the screen. A new Business & Media Institute analysis found four out of five images shown in gas price stories were higher than the national average at the time up to $3.25 higher. Its just the latest chapter in the televised gas hysteria.

Media at Large: Networks Images Pump Up Gas Prices
Dan Gainor, the director of the Business & Media Institute, indicts the networks for putting an additional scare tax on gasoline by showing stations with extreme prices.
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Scorn on the Bayou: the Political Economics of Katrina
Newsweek added its voice to the media chorus covering poverty in New Orleans. But the article was based on faulty data. Economic reality shows a different United States and a different Louisiana.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly tracks the best and worst media coverage of business and economics. Readers are invited to submit suggestions or news tips to Director Dan Gainor.
This week: The New York Times shows businesses arent all bad; Lou Dobbs reminds viewers that its good to open a history book; and Newsweeks Jonathan Alter spins statistics about poverty.

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Hurricane Katrina

Commentary: Disasters like Katrina expose the federal budget as it really is and emphasize governments helpful functions over its wasteful aspects.

Commentary: Catos Alan Reynolds explains why an economic stimulus from hurricane rebuilding is an illusion; and, why higher energy prices dont mean higher inflation.

Research: A team of Heritage Foundation scholars addresses ways to make President Bushs Katrina recovery plans a reality.

Free Market

Commentary: James K. Glassman explains why extra taxes on oil companies profits wont do anything to calm angry gasoline consumers.

Research: Though the media refer to tax cuts as a cost to the government, repealing the tax cuts would actually cost America dearly in jobs and the overall economy.

Commentary: All eyes have been on China lately, but dont forget Japan its still the worlds second-largest economy.

Research: BMI Adviser Bruce Bartlett sums up the housing debate: if youre staying put for a few years, dont worry. But if youre buying for investment on the coasts, make sure youre prepared for a market dip.

Health Care

Commentary: Hollywoods The Constant Gardener is the latest attack on the pharmaceutical industry.


Commentary: Theres no such thing as government charity.

Research: Its time for the IMF and the World Bank to reconsider the U.N.s Millennium Development Goals.