NY Times Bashes Religious Tax Exemptions

In Governments Name:
New York Times Bashes Religious Tax Exemptions

The Times took four days and more than 17,000 words to argue that churches are fleecing taxpayers In Gods Name. Diana B. Henriques extensive series accused religious groups never mind that theyre made up of taxpayers of shifting local tax burdens onto other citizens.

Econ 101: It Pays to Be Ignorant
Dr. Gary Wolfram explains why its actually rational to be an uninformed voter.

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B: Media blew past hurricane predictions as they were scaled downward
U: Networks overlooked 810,000 new jobs

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ABC Blows Smoke at Audience on Tobacco-on-Film Study

Networks Overlook 810,000 New Jobs

Wash. Post Notes Popularity of Gas Price Conspiracy Theories Among General Public


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Book Discussion: Strategic Giving: The art and science of philanthropy.
Hudson Institute
New York, N.Y., October 19

Education Reform: What Works
Heartland Institute/Wisconsin Forum
Milwaukee Athletic Club
Milwaukee, Wis., October 24

Federal Reserve policy in the face of crises
Cato Institute
Washington, D.C., November 16

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