Top 10 Media Myths of 2006

Top 10 Media Myths of 2006

Its been another year of wild media predictions, slanted stories and glaring omissions. What were the biggest whoppers? Be sure to check our list twice to find out whos been naughty.

Econ 101: Who Benefits from Boost in Student Grants?
'Round and 'round the taxpayer money goes ... and where it stops, nobody knows. Oh, and tuition will go up, too. Dr. Gary Wolfram explains.

G: Brian Williams admits NBC blew it with hurricane predictions
B: CNNs OBrien criticizes Clinton for spending too little on AIDS
U: CBS demonizes oil industry in story about government goofup

BMI Director Dan Gainor Testifies before Senate
In front of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee December 6, Boone Pickens Free Market Fellow Dan Gainor explained the medias unbalanced coverage of global warming. Read his testimony here!


Newt Gingrich & David Merritt: Renew Milton Friedmans conservatism (NRO)

Why the new Congress should not fix drug prices (Heritage)

Global warming gag order (WSJ)

Steve Moore: Solving the health care crisis means less govt, not more (WSJ)

Social security reform is not just about solvency (Cato)

The new populism and the iPod economy (TCSDaily)

Searchers versus planners in international development aid
Hudson Institute
New York, NY, December 11

Book Forum: How politicians and the terrorism industry inflate national security threats
Cato Institute
Washington, D.C., December 13

Illegal migration from Mexico to the United States
American Enterprise Institute
Washington, D.C., Jan. 8, 2007

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