Unhealthy Bias in Implant Stories, Then and Now

Unhealthy Bias in Implant Stories, Then and Now
Silicone breast implants have been cleared by the FDA for the marketplace once again. During the 14-year ban on the product, multiple studies showed no connection with diseases, including cancer. But the media dont seem convinced.

Hurricane Hype Clouds Warming Debate
Despite wild weather predictions and warnings about global warming, media must watch quiet season blow by.

G: CS Monitor reporter sees a holly jolly shopping season
B: ABC and USA Today script melodrama: The Young and the Indebted
U: ABC takes worry about over-working to the extreme

ABC Hypes Extreme Jobs Taking Heavy Toll on Workers with 70-Hour Weeks

Stories Lament Twentysomethings Forced to Live with Parents

Warning! Retailers on the Holiday Prowl


Existing home sales rise, prices fall (AP)

Corruption, mismanagement, and abuse of power in Hugo Chavezs Venezuela (Heritage)

Milking the Customers: The high cost of U.S. dairy policies (Cato)

Ivan Eland: Economic coercion is not effective foreign policy (Independent)

A skeptics guide to An Inconvenient Truth (CEI)

The myth of network neutrality and what we should do about it (AEI-Brookings Joint Center)

Fixing Failing Schools: Is the NCLB toolkit working?
American Enterprise Institute
Washington, D.C., November 30

Americas Future Foundation Networking Happy Hour
Top of the Hill
Washington, D.C., November 30

The Minimum Wage and Employment
American Enterprise Institute
Washington, D.C., December 4

The 2006 Thomas S. Szasz Awards
Independent Institute
Oakland, Calif., December 6

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