Waging War

Waging War
When the media talk about wages, its usually a story of stagnation or decline. So why does the government say compensation has increased by 7.7 percent since last year? One word: benefits.

Coastal Protection Turned into Reefer Madness
Environmentalists to thank for yet another eco-tastrophe.

G: USA Today finds tax cuts rising tide lifting all boats
B: NBC changes Fleecing series rules to slam oil companies, not government waste
U: American Morning heats up hit piece against senator skeptical of global warming

On Day of Dow Record, CBS Warns of Economic Problems

Oklahoma Senator Spars with CNNs Miles OBrien in Interview

Wash. Post Media Critic: NPR Is Liberally Biased

NBC Accuses Oil Firms of Fleecing Taxpayers


Dick Armey: A game plan on gas prices (FreedomWorks)

All income groups saw drop in tax liability since 2000 (Tax Foundation)

Geoffrey Segal: California Prop. 86 sticks it to smokers (Reason)

Bart Hinkle: Health care isnt, and cant be, a right (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Dan Griswold: Fools to the farm (Cato Institute)

Brian Riedl: Senate set to bust budget caps by $32 billion (Heritage)

Clogging the Pipeline: New central planning and the energy crisis
Foundation for Economic Education
Irvington-on-Hudson, N.Y., October 14
RSVP by October 10 here.

Education Reform: What Works
Heartland Institute/Wisconsin Forum
Milwaukee Athletic Club
Milwaukee, Wis., October 24

Federal Reserve policy in the face of crises
Cato Institute
Washington, D.C., November 16

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