When the Story's Got Children, Who Needs Facts?

When the Storys Got Children, Who Needs Facts?

Leading up to President Bushs veto of the State Childrens Health Insurance Program expansion, the media have ignored critical problems. Distracted by cute kids paraded by the left, they forgot to mention that Bush wants to continue the program and that Congresss tobacco tax funding wont work.

If Government Is So Good, Let It Fix Journalism
Media show support for socialist solutions like Hillarycare, but few back similar involvement in news.

G: CNN shares optimism about stock market
B: Top Model goes green with communal bath
U: CBS critical of Republican donors; little to say about Dems

BMI mourns the death of a loyal member of our Board of Advisers, John Berthoud. He was president of the National Taxpayers Union and an advocate for all U.S. taxpayers. Tributes and more information are at ntu.org.

Select the Media Research Center this fall in the  Combined Federal Campaign

CFC# 12489

Booze & Breast Cancer
Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, American Council on Science and Health

Podcast: Market Failure, Government Failure and Antitrust Regulation
EconTalk with Dr. Don Boudreaux

Beyond Kyoto
The American magazine

Health Care Choice: Giving Arizonans More Health Insurance Options
Goldwater Institute

Atlas Shrugged 50th Anniversary Celebration
Oct. 6, 2007, Washington, D.C.
The Atlas Society

The Deflating Mortgage and Housing Bubble, Part II
Oct. 11, 2007, Washington, D.C.
American Enterprise Institute

Not as Good as You Think: Why the Middle Class Needs School Choice
Oct. 15, 2007, Washington, D.C.
The Heritage Foundation


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