Where Poverty's Rise Ends, Slanted Coverage Continues

Where Povertys Rise Ends, Slanted Coverage Continues
New government reports show poverty leveling off after four years of increases. Incomes are up for the first time in six years. But the media, who were so concerned about poverty this time last year, have ignored the good news and insisted that workers are still getting stiffed.

Earning Freedom: A 9/11 Tribute
Each American owes a debt to those who have given their lives for us. BMI National Chairman Herman Cain reminds us in a time where common ground seems scarce in America, its up to us to live lives worthy of those sacrifices.

G: CBSs Harry Smith admits the media hyped high gas prices
B: CBS praises Schwarzenegger global warming plan
U: USA Today reporter leaves out womans role as wage activist
NBC Spins Oil Discovery Negatively

USA Today Leaves Out Minimum Wage Earners Liberal Activism

CNNs Cafferty Rehashes Conspiracy Theory on Gas Prices, Elections

CBS Cheers Governators Plan to Terminate Global Warming


Europeans want to work more, its just that their government wont let them (TCSDaily.com)

Stefan Gleason: Union officials waging war on the American work force (Examiner)

Don Boudreaux: Were much wealthier now than in the 1960s (CafeHayek)

Donald Lambro: Economy bad? Sorry, the numbers dont add up (Townhall.com)

Science tempers fears on climate change (The Australian)

Cornerstone of Liberty: Property Rights in 21st Century America
The Cato Institute
Washington, D.C., September 19

New Foundations of Cost-Benefit Analysis
AEI/Brookings Joint Center
Washington, D.C., September 20

Coolidge: A life of our time
The Heritage Foundation
Washington, D.C., September 20

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