Who Likes High Gas Prices?

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Who Likes High Gas Prices?

Most Americans believe gas prices are too high. But there are those in the media and politics who want to see prices climb. The Business & Media Institute (formerly the Free Market Project) reveals the tax-boosting agenda of the anti-SUV crowd.

Alls Well that Ends in Oil
Drilling in ANWR gets an icy reception from Congress and the media.

G: Post: workers gaining upper hand in job search
B: CBSs Julie Chen bubbly over soda ban
U: CBSs homework incomplete on teacher in gas price story

ABC Shows Blood for Oil

CBS Didnt Do Homework on Teacher Who Cant Afford Gas

NY Times Shivers at Cooling Housing Market

ABC Hypes Rising Jet Fuel Cost as Memorial Day Travel Approaches

Michael Lewis: Romneys health care plan is a sham (Human Events Online)

Susan Estrich: Congress up to its earmarks in pork (Fox News)

Why energy independence isn't good for national security (Reason)

Inspecting all incoming seaport cargo: misguided and wasteful (Heritage)

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