On ABC, Daily Beast's Avlon Complains 'Obama Derangement Syndrome on the Right' Has 'Gotten Worse'

On the Sunday, March 6, Good Morning America on ABC, as the Daily Beast's John Avlon appeared as a guest to make predictions about which Republicans will ultimately choose to run for President, he ended up complaining that "Obama Derangement Syndrome" has recently "gotten worse" and "deserves to be called out" because it is "divisive" and "unnecessary."

Host Dan Harris asked Avlon about his recent criticisms of Republicans: "I know you're no stranger to the Republican Party. You used to be the chief speech writer for Rudy Giuliani when he was the mayor of New York City. You've been pretty critical - I would say scathingly critical - of the type of rhetoric Republican, potential Republican candidates have been using against the current President, Mr. Obama. Why?"

Avlon began his response:

Well, because, look, I think there's no question that the Obama Derangement Syndrome on the right was preceded by a Bush Derangement Syndrome on the left, but it's gotten worse. We've seen this sort of anti rhetoric saying that President Obama is somehow anti-American or un-American bubbling up to the upper reaches of the presidential campaign. And that deserves to be called out. It's divisive. It's unnecessary.

He then continued:

And it's really begun to take some notice. Even George Will recently said that there have been "vibrations of weirdness" from the Republican field, and I think that's fair. I think when folks try to divide the country to raise themselves up, it was worth calling them out, needs to be done.

- Brad Wilmouth is a news analyst at the Media Research Center.