ABC's George Stephanopoulos Can't Stop Giggling at Sarah Palin

New Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos and the rest of the morning show crew couldn't help laughing at Sarah Palin on Thursday. News anchor Juju Chang highlighted a story broken by the tabloid TMZ that the former vice presidential candidate was seen at a Hawaii beach wearing a blacked out McCain visor. [Audio available here.]

After Chang noted that Palin said she was simply trying to be "incognito," Stephanopoulos, the former Democratic operative, started giggling and scoffed, "Trying to be incognito? Okay. That'll do it." Joining in, Chang, who is also new to the show, joked, "Apparently there were no other hats to be found."

Global warming alarmist Sam Champion piled on as he began the weather report: "Every shop on the beach in Hawaii sells visors for about $5.99...Just in case no one knew." Co-host Robin Roberts marveled, "Now, that's truly going rogue. That's truly going rogue."

CBS's Early Show skipped the story. NBC's Today show covered it, but minus the childish laughter. News anchor Ann Curry explained what happened and then opined, "I think she probably drew more attention to herself, actually, than less." Co-host Matt Lauer agreed, "Well, we're covering it here in the first half hour. So much for incognito."

For such a silly story, the GMA crew certainly seemed to read a lot into it. Given Stephanopoulos' background as a Democratic aide to Michael Dukakis' 1988 campaign and then to Bill Clinton in the '90s, perhaps he should try and avoid openly laughing at Republican politicians. It certainly doesn't help dispel the belief of many that he's still shilling for Democrats.

A transcript of the December 17 segment, which aired at 7:13am EST, follows:

JUJU CHANG: And, finally, it looks like former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin may harbor a few hard feelings toward her ex-running mate. Palin was snapped on Hawaiian beaches this week, wearing a McCain for President visor, with the letters blacked out. But, in a statement on, Palin says she adores John McCain. [George Stephanopoulos laughs.] And she was trying to be incognito. And that's news at 7:14.

ROBIN ROBERTS: Now, that's truly going rogue. That's truly going rogue.

CHANG: That's what we call going rogue.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: [Laughing]: Trying to be incognito? Okay. That'll do it.

CHANG: Apparently there were no other hats to be found.

ROBERTS: Hmmm! Time, now, for the weather. And Sam Champion. Good morning, Sam.

SAM CHAMPION: Every shop on the beach in Hawaii sells visors for about $5.99. Every one.

ROBERTS: Just saying.

SAM CHAMPION: [Starts weather report.] Let's get to the boards. We got one or two things going on- Just in case no one knew.

-Scott Whitlock is a news analyst for the Media Research Center.