CBS Charged Anti-ObamaCare Protesters Acted in 'Ugly' Manner, But Politico Found Them 'Polite' and 'Boring'

"Based on some mild and indiscernible shouts by people in a hallway outside the office of a House member," BiasAlert noted Tuesday night, "CBS's Chip Reid tried to discredit anti-ObamaCare protesters," claiming the Tea Party activists "tried to lobby undecided Democrats. At times, it got ugly." (Watch the video to assess the commotion Reid characterized as "ugly.")

But in today's Politico newspaper, Marin Cogan relayed how "staff members for Democrats reported orderly, even polite conversations with protesters." In her article, "Dems play nice with tea partiers," Marin not only did not cite any ugliness, she discovered the protesters were so calm that they were actually bored by them: "'It was like a high school classroom,' an aide to one lawmaker who hosted tea partiers noted glumly. 'It was so boring.'"

Hat tip to my MRC colleague Tim Graham.