On Leno's Show, Limbaugh Runs Car Over Al Gore - Then Backs Up and Does It Again

Taking the "Green Car Challenge" on Thursday night's Jay Leno Show, a svelte Rush Limbaugh - declining to don a helmet - hopped into the electric Ford Focus on Leno's track behind his NBC studio in Burbank, but instead of driving around the hanging cut outs of Al Gore and Ed Begley Jr., Limbaugh ran right into them.

Then, to Leno's cries of "Oh, c'mon!", a delighted Limbaugh accepted the penalty against his time score and stopped, backed up and smashed into them again. Limbaugh's maneuvering ensured a lower score (greater time) than the three previous contestants since Leno's show debuted last week: Drew Barrymore, Al Michaels and Bob Costas.

But that didn't bother Limbaugh who afterward pumped his fists as he boasted: "It was worth it! It was worth it!"

UPDATE: RushLimbaugh.com has video of Limbaugh's entire Leno appearance.

Inside the studio earlier, Limbaugh had earned hearty audience applause when he pushed back, against Leno's complaint there's too much political disagreement, by asking:

Why is it I have to give up everything I believe in for comity? Tell Obama, "no, we do not want you owning car companies; no, we do not want you running banks; no we don't want you taking over student loans and no we do not want nationalized health care!"

- Brent Baker is Vice President for Research and Publications at the Media Research Center