Meredith Vieira on Seeing Sarah Palin with a Gun: 'Makes Me Nervous'

The Today show cast, on Tuesday, previewed a guest appearance by reality show star Kate Gosselin on Sarah Palin's TLC show, and after showing a clip of the former Alaska Governor frightening the celebrity mother of eight kids by firing off a gun, Vieira revealed she shared Gosselin's fears as she yelped: "You're with a woman with a gun. The whole thing makes me nervous, you know?"

The following is the full segment as it was aired on the December 7 Today show:

MEREDITH VIEIRA: So what happens when the Momma Grizzly meets Momma Gosselin?

MATT LAUER: Well the world is gonna find out this weekend when Sarah Palin welcomes Kate Gosselin and her eight kids to Alaska for a guest appearance on her TLC show Sarah Palin's Alaska. Take a look.

(Begin clip)

SARAH PALIN: How would you like to go camping with Kate and her eight kids?

KATE GOSSELIN: I have never camped for real.

PALIN: Our ruggedness is really a mystery to people in the lower 48.

[Palin shoots gun]


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: You're gonna have a high population of bears. It's gonna go.

PALIN: She's gonna rely on me to protect her.

GOSSELIN: I am freezing to the bone.

PALIN: C'mon. It wasn't that bad.

(End clip)

VIEIRA: Yeah I don't think Kate took to-


VIEIRA: Yeah, no.LAUER: You don't think she's the roughing it type?

VIEIRA: I don't think she likes it.

AL ROKER: Roughing it to her is a Holiday Inn without cable.

VIEIRA: Plus you're with a woman with a gun. The whole thing makes me nervous, you know?

ROKER: Yeah, there's that.

LAUER: Alright.

MORALES: It'll get good ratings, I'm sure.

VIEIRA: Oh I'm sure...

ROKER: Oh please!

VIEIRA: I think that, that Sarah Palin's daughter Piper, is a big fan of Kate Plus 8, as well.

MORALES: Yeah she is.

VIEIRA: So it's nice, yeah.

-Geoffrey Dickens is the Senior News Analyst at the Media Research Center. You can follow him on Twitter here